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[RFCv2 PATCH 00/20] dv-timings/adv7604/ad9389b fixes and new adv7511/adv7842 drivers

This second patch series combines these two earlier patch series:


While rebasing the new drivers on the latest code I realized that it made more
sense to combine the two and to improve the v4l2-dv-timings functions a bit.

The first 17 patches apply a bunch of fixes from the internal Cisco tree and
it adds a number of improvements to v4l2-dv-timings. If there are no comments
regarding those patches, then I intend to make a pull request for them later
this week.

The final three patches add the new adv7842 and adv7511 drivers.

Changes since RFCv1 for those last three:

- use the new v4l2_*_dv_timings helpers
- use devm_kzalloc


- adv7604 needs to use the new dv-timings helpers as well. It's done for
  the adv7842, but not yet for the adv7604.

- STD handling in adv7842 can be improved: at the moment the s_std value
  does not set the hardware correctly (the hardware is always set to

- the advxxxx internal IP blocks are quite similar and parts of it can be
  refactored. In particular notifier, control and event IDs can easily be

- the adv7xxx_check_dv_timings callback should notify the v4l2_device as
  well in case there are additional constraints in the bridge driver.

These TODOs do not block merging these new drivers IMHO and can be done



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