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Integrate camera interface of OMAP3530 in Angstrom Linux


I am using an embedded module called TAO-3530 from Technexion, which has an OMAP3530 processor. This processor has a camera interface, which is part of the ISP submodule. For an ongoing project I want to capture a video signal from this interface. After several days of excessive research I still don't know, how to access it. I configured the Angstrom kernel (2.6.32), so that the driver for OMAP 3 camera controller (and all other OMAP 3 related things) is integrated, but I don't see any new device nodes in the filesystem.

I also found some rumors, that the Media Controller Framework or driver provides the device node /dev/media0, but I was not able to install it. I use OpenEmbedded, but I don't have a recipe for Media Controller. On the Angstrom website ( http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/repo/ ) there's actually a package called "media-ctl", but due to the missing recipe, i can't install it. Can't say, I am an expert in OE.

Can you help me point out, what's necessary to make the camera interface accessible?

Best regards,

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