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Re: [PATCHv7 00/15] Integration of videobuf2 with dmabuf

Hi Tomasz,

On Thursday 14 June 2012 15:37:34 Tomasz Stanislawski wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> This patchset adds support for DMABUF [2] importing to V4L2 stack.
> The support for DMABUF exporting was moved to separate patchset
> due to dependency on patches for DMA mapping redesign by
> Marek Szyprowski [4]. This patchset depends on new scatterlist
> constructor [5].

There are very few remaining issues with the patch set, I think the next 
iteration will be the right one.


> [5]
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.video-input-infrastructure/47983

What's the status of that patch ? Is it ready for v3.6 ? I'd like to see 
DMABUF import support in V4L2 in v3.6.


Laurent Pinchart

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