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[PATCH 0/2] Fix audio on analog cx231xx devices

With the following patches, I get proper audio on my HVR850 and there
isn't a stutter when starting Live TV under MythTV. I think this also
fixes a number of odd crashes I've seen on the box, which can easily be
explained by DMA to unlucky addresses.

The first patch fixes DMA for the device; I think this also keeps MythTV
from being unhappy with the stream (VBI timeouts), though I've not
explicitly tested that -- I'm confident in the VBI change based on code

I'm not sure the second patch is needed; on my system, audio seems to
work with and without the patch. However, the patch does not hurt my
hardware, and the value is never passed in to
cx231xx_initialize_stream_xfer() so I think there is a argument to be
made for using the provided names instead of magic numbers.

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