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Re: [PATCH v2] af9033: implement ber and ucb functions

On 07.04.2012 17:34, Hans-Frieder Vogt wrote:
af9033: implement read_ber and read_ucblocks functions. Version 2 of patch that
reflects my findings on the behaviour of abort_cnt, err_cnt and bit_cnt:

- bit_cnt is always 0x2710 (10000)
- abort_cnt is between 0 and 0x2710
- err_cnt is between 0 and 640000 (= 0x2710 * 8 * 8)

in the current implementation BER is calculated as the number of bit errors per
processed bits, ignoring those bits that are already discarded and counted in
abort_cnt, i.e. UCBLOCKS.

It still increases UCBLOCKS counter every query even there is no signal at all. BER is in that case always maximum value. Hymps, maybe I just apply that still in order to go ahead...

status 00 | signal 0000 | snr 0000 | ber ffffffff | unc 0024b105 |
status 00 | signal 0000 | snr 0000 | ber ffffffff | unc 0024d815 |

One of my plans is to block that kind of "illegal" situations in frontend core level. As UCB and BER counters are only valid in case of demod is LOCKed.

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