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Re: [RFCv1 PATCH 0/7] gspca: allow use of control framework and other fixes


On 04/28/2012 05:09 PM, Hans Verkuil wrote:
Hi all,

Here is a patch series that makes it possible to use the control framework
in gspca. The gspca core changes are very minor but as a bonus give you
priority support as well.

The hard work is in updating the subdrivers. I've done two, and I intend
to do the stv06xx driver as well, but that's the last of my gspca webcams
that I can test. Looking through the subdrivers I think that 50-70% are in
the category 'easy to convert', the others will take a bit more time
(autogain/gain type of constructs are always more complex than just a simple
brightness control).

After applying this patch series the two converted drivers pass the
v4l2-compliance test as it stands today.

I haven't looked at any details yet, but from the description I love the changes :)

I was actually planning on doing something very similar myself soon-ish, so you've
saved me a bunch of work :)

I'll review this and add these to my tree. Jean-Francois, is it ok for these changes
to go upstream through my tree? The reason I'm asking is that I plan to convert
more subdrivers to the control framework for 3.5 and its easiest to have this all
in one tree then.

If you've remarks to the core changes I will make sure these get addressed in my
tree of course.


Hans (the other Hans :)

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