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Re: HVR-1600 QAM recordings with slight glitches in them

On 29-04-12 00:21, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
On 12-04-28 04:39 PM, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
I typically have one more splitter downstream from that 3 way splitter
which is a 4 way splitter to feed all of the tuners on my Mythtv box and
introducing that splitter reduces the SNR at the HVR-1600 to between
"13c" and "13e" (31.6 - 31.8 dB).
Interestingly enough, I moved the Myth backend to it's usual home, in
the basement, right next to the incoming cable signal and replaced that
25' run that I had going to where it was temporarily with a smaller, say
10' run (of RG-59 so still room for improvement) and my SNR at the
HVR-1600, even after all of the splitters is now "015c" or 34.8 dB.

I'm still going to go replacing all of that RG-59 with shorter, custom
made lengths of RG6 cables.  I can't go "too short" when making those
can I or would even a 6-12 inch cable be perfectly fine?  I'm thinking
of the runs between that last 4 way splitter and the tuners in the Myth



There is no minimum cable length for RF. Although for practical reasons i rarely go below 30 cm (1 '). It should be possible for you to buy "drop cables" which have a length of 1m5 (about 5') and are commonly used in HE to connect equipment.

screw-on F-connectors are another source of problems. Crimping F-connectors are best, but those need a fitting crimp tool.


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