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Re: [PATCH 1/6] m88ds3103, montage dvb-s/s2 demodulator driver

On 27.04.2012 23:40, Konstantin Dimitrov wrote:
On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 11:37 PM, Konstantin Dimitrov
however, i want to pointed out few other problems - they are off-topic
as not related to drivers for Montage chips, but related as far as
we're putting some order and making things in a proper way and those
those things are out of that order:

- there are 2 drivers for the same DVB-S2 tuner: ST 6110, respectively
"stv6110.c" and "stv6110x.c"

- there are 2 drivers for the same DVB-S2 demodulator family:
respectively stv090x* and stv0900*

the above couldn't be more wrong - in fact i can submit patches to
make all drivers that relies on stv090x* and "stv6110.c" to use
stv090x* and "stv6110x.c" instead except the NetUP board, for which in

my opinion someone should submit patches using stv090x* and
"stv6110x.c" and subsequently stv090x* and "stv6110.c" be removed -

to correct a typo: and subsequently stv0900* and "stv6110.c" be removed

unless someone have some real argument why stv090x* and "stv6110.c"

the same: unless someone have some real argument why stv0900* and "stv6110.c"

should stay or even if for why they should replace stv090x* and
"stv6110x.c" and subsequently  stv090x* and "stv6110x.c" be removed
instead. so, the case with ST 6110 and STV090x support is the most
frustrating and out of order thing that i can indicate regarding the
support of DVB-S2 chips in the kernel and i hope you will take care as
maintainer to be resolved or at least someone to explain why the
current state is like that - or point me out to explanation if such
was already made to the mailing list. so, what i'm suggesting is
"spring cleaning" of all DVB-S2 tuner/demodulator drivers in the
kernel - if it's not done now in the future the mess will only

That stv090x stuff is discussed many times earlier too. It is mistake done for the some reasons. In theory there should be only one driver per chip/logical entity but for the non-technical reason it was failed. And as it is failed at the very first try it is hard to correct later.

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