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Re: Mipi csi2

Hi Steve,

On Thursday 19 April 2012 15:31:23 Steve Lindell wrote:
> Hi Guennadi!
> Adding Laurent to the loop.
> Thanks for your quick answer!
> You wrote OMAP 4330 but I believe you meant Omap4430.
> A longshot, is it possible to use Omap3isp driver on the omap4430, as the
> Omap4430 has mipi-csi2 support by hardware?

You can't use the OMAP3 ISP driver on the OMAP4, but you can use the OMAP4 ISS 
driver (git://gitorious.org/omap4-v4l2-camera/omap4-v4l2-camera.git). Please 
note that the driver is currently under development. Many hardware features 
are not supported yet, and you might experience crashes. Patches are of course 
welcome :-)


Laurent Pinchart

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