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re: [media] fintek-cir: add support for newer chip version

Hi Mauro,

The patch 83ec8225b6ae: "[media] fintek-cir: add support for newer 
chip version" from Feb 14, 2012, leads to the following warning:
drivers/media/rc/fintek-cir.c:200 fintek_hw_detect()
	 warn: known condition '1032 != 2052'

   197          /*
   198           * Newer reviews of this chipset uses port 8 instead of 5
   199           */
   200          if ((chip != 0x0408) || (chip != 0x0804))
One of these conditions is always true.

Probably it should it be:
		if ((chip == 0x0408) || (chip == 0x0804))
		if ((chip != 0x0408) && (chip != 0x0804))
depending one if those are the newer or the older chipsets.  I googled
for it a bit and then decided to just email you.  :P

   201                  fintek->logical_dev_cir = LOGICAL_DEV_CIR_REV2;
   202          else
   203                  fintek->logical_dev_cir = LOGICAL_DEV_CIR_REV1;

dan carpenter

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