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Re: [yavta PATCH 1/3] Support integer menus.

Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the comments.

Laurent Pinchart wrote:
Hi Sakari,

Thanks for the patch.

The code looks fine, but unfortunately breaks compilation when using kernel
headers<  v3.5 (which is a pretty common case as of today ;-)).

V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_INTEGER_MENU is an enumerated value, not a pre-processor
#define, so it's difficult to test for it using conditional compilation.

Maybe including a copy of videodev2.h in the yavta repository is the best
option ?

Yeah; I agree. The value of the enum item we could still #define but the addition of the union to v4l2_queryctrl is more difficult.

I can then remove existing code to cope with different versions of videodev2.h, too.


Sakari Ailus
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