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Re: [GIT PULL FOR 3.5] AF9035/AF9033/TUA9001 => TerraTec Cinergy T Stick [0ccd:0093]

Am Sonntag, 1. April 2012 schrieb Antti Palosaari:
> On 01.04.2012 17:31, Hans-Frieder Vogt wrote:
> > Antti,
> > 
> > I could provide the SNR, BER and UCB implementation (simply porting from
> > my draft driver to yours).
> > But I first need to implement the support for my AverMedia A867R device
> > so that I am able to test the implementation. Therefore it could take a
> > few hours (maybe until tomorrow).
> Aaah, OK, but I was just working with SNR. I see your driver SNR was
> just register scaled to 0-0xffff whilst we nowadays prefer dBs , most
> commonly unit of 0.1 dB. So if thats OK for you I will finish that, and
> you can do BER and UCB, OK?

OK, I'll focus on these.

> regards
> Antti



Hans-Frieder Vogt                       e-mail: hfvogt <at> gmx .dot. net
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