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Re: [GIT PULL FOR 3.5] AF9035/AF9033/TUA9001 => TerraTec Cinergy T Stick [0ccd:0093]

On 31.03.2012 19:52, Michael Büsch wrote:
On Sat, 31 Mar 2012 19:48:34 +0300
Antti Palosaari<crope@xxxxxx>  wrote:

And about the new FW downloader, that supports those new firmwares, feel
free to implement it if you wish too. I will now goto out of house and
will back during few hours. If you wish to do it just reply during 4
hours, and I will not start working for it. Instead I will continue with

I have no clue about the firmware format, so it will probably be easier
if you'd dive into that stuff as you already seem to know it.

Done. I didn't have neither info, but there was good posting from Daniel Glöckner that documents it! Nice job Daniel, without that info I was surely implemented it differently and surely more wrong way.

I pushed my experimental tree out, patches are welcome top of that.

I extracted three firmwares from windows binaries I have. I will sent those you, Michael, for testing. First, and oldest, is TUA9001, 2nd is from FC0012 device and 3rd no idea.

md5sum f71efe295151ba76cac2280680b69f3f

md5sum 7cdc1e3aba54f3a9ad052dc6a29603fd

md5sum 862604ab3fec0c94f4bf22b4cffd0d89

I need more AF903x hardware, please give links to cheap eBay devices etc. Also I would like to get one device where is AF9033 but no AF9035 at all just for stand-alone demodulator implementation. I know there is few such devices, like AverMedia A336 for example...

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