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Re : AverTV Volar HD PRO : a return case.

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> De : Gianluca Gennari <gennarone@xxxxxxxxx>
> À : Sril <willy_the_cat@xxxxxxxxx>; "linux-media@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <linux-media@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Envoyé le : Mardi 27 mars 2012 12h45
> Objet : Re : AverTV Volar HD PRO : a return case.

> Il 26/03/2012 23:35, Sril ha scritto:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Ianswer to mysel to say that I finally have a "working" 07ca:a835 under 3.0.26 kernel with xgazza_af9035 patch.
> > The one for 3.2.x crash part of kernel and I still have I2C regs that can not be read.
> > 
> > So, what tools must do I work on : patch for v4l (build_media) or patch for kernel from xgazza or af903x driver or whatever ?
> > Which one is under active building ?
> > 
> > Thanks for reply.
> > 
> > Best regards.
> > See ya.
> Hi Sril,
> the only af9035 driver currently under active development is the one
> from Hans-Frieder Vogt (af903x).

> The patch in attachment is a quick port of the support for the tda18218
> tuner (and hence the a835/b835 dongles) from the old drivers that are
> floating around (all derived from the xgazza patch).

> The problem with the xgazza patch is that it uses the tuner
> initialization script and the firmware of another stick (with a
> different tuner, the TUA 9001) so it is not working optimally. I have a
> 07ca:b835 and it works surprisingly well on my systems, but there are
> many users (like you) who report I2C errors.

> We need to extract a proper firmware and/or initialization script for
> the tda18218 from the Windows driver to solve this problems.

> There is also a small patch for the tda18218 that is needed to tune VHF
> frequencies (with 7MHz bandwidth).

> Best regards,
> Gianluca


Thanks for answer : god bless you :) !

After read : exactly what I expect. I needed to read this.
Will work on that road until that dvb dongle works.


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