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Hauppauge WinTV-HVR900H (USB ID 2040:6600): Will digital/analog/audio work on Ubuntu (or any other distro)?

I have been following this mailing list for a couple of years now, because I
by mistake bought a HVR900H (I thought it was a HVR900).

However, I still have the stick and I'm wondering if I should throw it away.
The thing is that I have never seen a post on the list stating something
like 'TM6000/TM6010: Now it all works!'.

As far as I remember it has always been X works but Y don't (substitute X
and Y with {digital,analog}x{audio,video}), and you have to get the firmware
from some strange place or extract it from the Windows driver.
A google search now reveals that the driver does not work in kernel 3.x (but
apparently it should work in some 2.6.x kernels).

Now, my question is:
Can anybody tell me if it should be possible to get the driver to work
(audio and video)
1. Digital mode
2. Analog mode

And please instruct me how to get it to work in either or both modes.


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