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Re: [PATCH 2/3] Basic AF9035/AF9033 driver

Hi Michael,

Il 20/03/2012 14:04, Michael Büsch ha scritto:
> Thank you for working on a af903x driver.
> I tried to test the driver on a debian 3.2 kernel, after applying a small fix:
> It should be CONFIG_DVB_USB_AF903X here.

this issue is fixed in version "1.02" of the driver, posted by Hans a
few days ago.

> So I'm wondering how big the differences between the fc0011 and fc0012 are.
> Can the 0011 be implemented in the 0012 driver, or does it require a separate driver?
> Please give me a few hints, to I can work on implementing support for that tuner.

I have no idea about the real differences between the two tuner models,
but here you can find an old "leaked" af9035 driver with support for
several tuners, including fc0011 and fc0012:


(look under the "api" subdir for the tuners).
The driver is not working with recent kernels, but probably you can
extract the information needed to implement a proper kernel driver for
fc0011, using the fc0012 driver written by Hans as a reference.

Best regards,
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