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General question about IR remote signals from USB DVB tuner

I recently bought a Terratec cinergy S2 USB  HD receiver.
I got everything working just fine in Linux and get excellent
This thing came with a small remote controller, and I notice
that the  output of this remote appears as ASCII characters on stdin,
on any terminal that I open...
Wrote a small GUI application that sets the input focus to a hidden
input field, and can process the numbers from this remote that way,
but of course this only works if the mouse has selected that application.

Thinking about this I think that the driver dumps the received remote
control characters simply to stdout.
If this is so, does there perhaps exists a /dev/dvb/adapterX/remoteX
interface in the specs so I could modify that driver to send the codes
If not how about adding such a thing?
The application can then in a separate thread for example open
this device and use those codes.
This little remote has it all:
 numbers 0 to 9, ENTER, channel up /down, power, mute, EPG,
volume, what not.
Sorry I a am bit rusty, been many years since I did any programming
for DVB, so may be this already exists?
So much seems to have changed.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

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