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[PATCH 0/6] Add poll_requested_events() function.

Hi all,

This is the eighth version of this patch series and the last as far as
I am concerned.

See this link for the previous version and the associated thread:


The changes compared to version 7 are:

- rebased to the linux-media staging/for_v3.4 branch.
- renamed the poll_table fields to _qproc and _key as per Andrew's suggestion.
- all poll changes are back in one patch (the first). With the renaming of
  fields it made more sense to have it as one patch.
- added the video4linux changes as well that depend on this new poll
  behavior. This makes it ready to be merged in linux-media and linux-next.

Mauro, can you get this patch series in linux-next as soon as possible?

If anyone has any problems/comments/remarks regarding this patch series,
then please speak up now and not one day before the 3.4 merge window opens...



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