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DVB TS/PES filters

I could do with a little more information about DMX_SET_PES_FILTER.
Specifically I want to use an output type of DMX_OUT_TS_TAP. I believe
there's a limit on how many filters can be set, but I don't know whether
the kernel imposes such a limit or whether it depends on the hardware,
If the latter, how can I read the limit?

I looked at the code for GStreamer's dvbsrc and that defines a limit of
32 filters. It also implies that using the "magic number" 8192 as the
pid requests the entire stream.

I can't find information about these things in the API docs. Is there
somewhere I can get more details.

If I ended up wanting enough pids to exceed the limit would it work to
allow LIMIT - 1 individual pid filters to be set, then after that set
one for 8192 instead and clear all the others?
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