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[RFC/PATCH v2 0/3] 64-bit integer menus

Hi all,

This patchset, which I'm sending as RFC since it has not been really tested
(including compiling the vivi patch), adds 64-bit integer menu controls. The
control items in the integer menu are just like in regular menus but they
are 64-bit integers instead of strings.

I'm also pondering whether to assign 1 to ctrl->step for menu type controls
as well but haven't checked what may have been the original reason to
implement it as it is now implemented.

The reason why I don't use a union for qmenu and qmenu_int in
v4l2_ctrl_config is that a lot of drivers use that field in the initialiser
and GCC < 4.6 does not support initialisers with anonymous unions.

Similar union is created in v4l2_querymenu but I do not see this as a
problem since I do not expect initialisers to be used with this field in the
user space code.

Comments and questions are welcome.

Changes since RFC/PATCH v1:

- Fix documentation according to suggestions from Sylwester and Laurent.
- Don't allow creating new standard integer menu controls using
  v4l2_ctrl_new_std_menu() since we don't have them yet.

Kind regards,

Sakari Ailus
e-mail: sakari.ailus@xxxxxx	jabber/XMPP/Gmail: sailus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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