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MAGIX "USB-Videowandler 2" capture device, OEM KWorld UB315


I have a MAGIX USB video capture device, which is bundled with Windows
software and sold as "Rescue Your Videotapes!". The unit has USB ID
1B80:E349. It is an OEM version of the KWorld UB315. The MAGIX Windows
drivers call it "USB-Videowandler 2". A picture is shown here:

The KWorld UB315 Windows driver is available from
(But it does not work as-is with the MAGIX product due to the different

Someone posted to the em28xx mailing list in Feb 2009 that they managed to
get it working without too much trouble:
I thought I'd provide some further info since I took mine apart to look at
the chips inside...

Text on PCB:

- NXP SAA7113H (video decoder)
- eMPIA EM2861 (probably; covered by label but 2861 mentioned in Windows
device manager)
- eMPIA EMP202 (Single-Chip Dual-Channel AC97 Audio Codec for PC Audio
- Atmel serial EEPROM
- There is also an LED and a button which can be pressed by the user.

-- Mark

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