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VIDIOC_ENUMINPUT may set the flag V4L2_IN_ST_NO_SYNC in the status field. The flag is described in the documentation under "Digital Video" as "No synchronization lock" (http://hverkuil.home.xs4all.nl/spec/media.html#vidioc-enuminput). What kind of sync lock does it refer to? Horizontal sync lock? Vertical sync lock? Both? Tuner locked on signal? Something else? A few lines above is V4L2_IN_ST_NO_H_LOCK described under "Analog Video" as "No horizontal sync lock". Is V4L2_IN_ST_NO_SYNC the same as V4L2_IN_ST_NO_H_LOCK, but for digital video? Anyone who knows?

        Mats Randgaard
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