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Re: Problem with DVB module during suspend/hibernate.

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 8:00 AM, Doron Cohen <doronc@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am dealing with a problems with suspend/hibernate freeze during resume
> when DVB API is used. I found a workaround for it here
> <http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=71490> which solve the problem
> but this is not a solution only a workaround.
> Problem is that when using USB DVB tuner the tuner is turned off/on
> during the suspend process, meaning that during the resume the USB
> disconnect and probe methods are running.
> The disconnect method is causing a call to dvb_unregister_frontend (or,
> if changing the order to dvb_dmxdev_release) This call hangs on
> wait_event until fepriv->dvbdev->users will free all users.
> This works fine when application is not playing the video, but if an
> application receives TV (tested with VLC and Kaffeine but true to all)
> Users will be free only when the application stops. It works if the
> device is plugged out during video display (users will be released when
> application closes the frontend and than the device will be free) but
> during the resume process, user interface is not working and there is a
> dead lock system must be hard power off and on.
> The workaround just causes the application to close force before the
> suspend.
> Since I only have Siano devices at hand, I couldn't prove if the problem
> is with our driver or in all USB receivers or only related to Siano
> driver, but exploring the code it seems that everybody are working in
> the same way.
> Can anyone approve that suspend and hibernate works fine when DVB is
> being watched by an application?


Power management is a known problem in dvb-core -- it doesn't work
"properly" in *any* driver.  :-(

Patches welcome ;-)


Michael Krufky
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