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Re: [PATCH] af9013 frontend tuner bus lock

> http://palosaari.fi/linux/v4l-dvb/firmware/af9015/

5.1?  OK, I might eventually try that one too.

> This morning I get a little pixeled playback, less than a second.

OK, mine was fine for a few days then the pixellation started up in earnest.

At the moment my symptoms were always:

TunerA: Tuned - picture good
TunerB: Idle

Tuner B gets tuned, Tuner A starts to pixellate badly.

I am sure this is the case too:

TunerA: Idle
TunerB: Tuned - picture good

Tuner A gets tuned and has a bad recording.  *Never* has Tuner B
suffered from the pixellation in spite of whatever Tuner A is doing!

Anyway, Malcolm has suggested there is a bug lurking in MythTV too
causing problems with dual tuners so it's a bit hard to isolate the
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