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Re: [PATCH] af9013 frontend tuner bus lock

On Wed, 2011-10-05 at 07:44 +1100, Jason Hecker wrote:
> I have had some luck with this patch.  I am still getting fouled
> recordings with tuner A but it's not consistent.  I have yet to
> ascertain if the problem occurs depending on the order of tuning to
> have both tuners recording different frquencies at the same time, ie
> Tuner B then Tuner A or vice versa.

Which Firmware are your using?

I am having some problems with firmware version:5.1.0
I have gone back to using firmware version:4.95.0 no problems at all.

> Malcolm, did you say there was a MythTV tubing bug?  
Yes, sometimes tries to tune to same frequency as the other frontend for
a different channel.

> Do you have an
> URL for the bug if it has been reported?

> I fear I might have a multi-layered problem - not only the Afatech
> tuners but perhaps some PCI issue too.  It doesn't help if MythTV
> isn't doing the right thing either.
Yes, because it is also happening with other duo devices on Myth TV

So far Myth TV 0.23.0 on Kernel 2.6.35 seems consistently stable.



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