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DiBxxxx: fixes for 3.1/3.0

Hi Mauro,

Would you please pull from

git://linuxtv.org/pb/media_tree.git for_v3.0

for the following to changesets:

[media] dib0700: protect the dib0700 buffer access
[media] DiBcom: protect the I2C bufer access


Those two changesets are fixing the remaining problems regarding the dma-on-stack-buffer-fix applied for the first time in 2.6.39, IIRC.

They should go to stable 3.0 (as they are in my tree) and they can be cherry-picked to 3.1.

We are preparing the same thing for 2.6.39 as the patches don't apply cleanly.

Thanks to Javier Marcet for his help during the debug-phase.

thanks and best regards,

Patrick Boettcher - Kernel Labs
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