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Re: rtl2832u support

Em 20-11-2010 20:37, Maxim Levitsky escreveu:

>>> Do we have a common agreement that this driver can go to staging as-is?
>>> If yes, I have patch ready, just need to know where to send it (It is around 1 MB).

Yes, if people is interested on later fixing the issues. As Antti said
he already broke the driver into more consistent parts, maybe his tree
may be an start.

> I would like to volunteer to clean up the driver for eventual merge.
> At least I can start right away with low handing fruit.

Ok, Seems fine for me.

> I have took the driver from
> http://www.turnovfree.net/~stybla/linux/v4l-dvb/lv5tdlx/20101102_RTL2832_2836_2840_LINUX+RC-Dongle.rar
> And it looks very recent, so that means that Realtek actually continues
> to develop it.

The better would be to try to sync with Realtek to be sure that they'll
continue to develop the upstream driver, after having it merged. Otherwise,
someone will need to do the manual sync, and this can be very painful.

> Greg KH, maybe you know how to contact Realteck to figure out the best
> strategy in handling this code.
> Meanwhile, lets put that into staging.
> (The above driver doesn't compile due to changes in RC code, but it can
> be removed (that what I did for now) or ported to new rc-core which what
> I will do very soon).

Just send the patches. The better is to submit them via linux-media, and say, at
a TODO file, that patches for it should be submitted to linux-media@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Something similar to drivers/staging/tm6000/TODO.

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