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Re: cx23885 module

On 10/22/10 9:02 AM, Daniel Lee Kim wrote:

 > > [ 3072.621974] MT2131: successfully identified at address 0x60

Would the above message indicate that the tuner has been taken out of reset mode?


 > It's probably the I/F (intermediate frequency) between the
 > MT2131 and the LG3305 is incorrect, so the demod does not see the RF correctly
 > from the tuner. Try stepping the LG I/F through it's various combination (see
 > the LG header .h file) then repeat the test with spectral inversion inverted.
 > Use azap to tune during each test and watch for status bits 0x1f (meaning the
 > demod is locked).
 > If no lock, adjust the I/F and/or spectral inversion and try again.
 > - Steve

Are you suggesting that the above test might resolve the issue of not being able
to tune using the MT2131? I'll take a look at the LG header though I'm using the
LGDT330X driver since mine is the 3303 chip.


How do I know that the tuner is working? The modprobe i2c_scan=1 returned a
fatal error, not found. Is there another way to test it?

If the MT2131 was detected then it's probably working. modprobe cx23885 i2c_scan=1 should work and show a tuner at address 0xC0, 2 or 4 etc.

One more question, is there a place I can go to learn how to compile just the
cx23885.ko module? I am not able to compile only that module and so I have to
wait until it compiles all the modules. I apologize as this is my first time
tweaking a driver module. I've searched all over the net but have not found
anyone who wrote about this. Thanks,

The wiki at linuxtv.org should contain everything you need for compiling, modifying and submitting patches.


Steven Toth - Kernel Labs

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