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Re: OMAP 3530 camera ISP forks and new media framework

So... let's see if i got some things right, please let me now if you disagree:

- I do want to use the omap34xxcam.c driver as it is for the newest
framework and I get most support for it

- The camera sensor driver must implement the v4l2-subdev and the new
pad-level api. As the register list of mt9t031 and mt9p031 sensors are
identical, I could copy the subdev-part. But the existing mt9t031
driver stacks on top of soc_camera. soc_camera creates a v4l2 device.
omap34xxcam also creates a v4l2 dev. Obviously they are competing
Guennadi wrote:
> There is already an mt9t031 v4l2-subdev / soc-camera driver, so, if
> mt9t031 and mt9p031 are indeed similar enough, I think, the right way is
> to join efforts to port soc-camera over to the new "pad-level" API and
> re-use the driver.
This confuses me a bit now. Guennadi, is your idea to update the
soc_camera interface for pad-level support and port omap34xxcam to a
I don't think I am capable of writing a new host bridge driver, so I
would prefer touching only the sensor driver part. Or do you think it
is better to remove the soc_camera dependency and fit the camera
sensor driver to omap34xxcam directly?

- If I do the later, I take Laurent's approach and look at his MT9T001
sensor driver for Sakari's omap34xxcam host driver and adapt it for my
needs. I can look for more subdev pad-level examples in Vaibhav's

So long, thanks for all your help,

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