Regarding development for NXP saa7160/1/2 and saa7164 ICs

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Evidently someone from NXP has left a message in the wiki (Ignore the
incorrect date, as the message was entered today; see history for

I will invite them to join into this thread.

If "octavsly" is able to assist, I believe the relevant background on
the matters are essentially:

A) SAA7160/1/2
- The current rendition of the driver that Manu has been developing 
resides here:
- IIRC, Manu found that some particulars of the chip(s) were not clearly
documented within the datasheets he had been provided, so development is
still largely a WIP

B) SAA7164
- my understanding is that there was a fair amount of work towards a
driver put in by Steve, but he has had to put this project on hold
- a number of other people have expressed interest in pushing forth with
this, but I would imagine that Steve may be prevented by NDA from aiding
them in their interest

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