Re: [patch] nsswitch.conf.5: clarify the "notfound" status

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On 28/03/2012 19:27, Peter Schiffer wrote:

I am suggesting the following update of the "notfound" status on the nsswitch.conf.5 man page. I am not 100% sure that this is the correct place where this information on the man page should be placed. Any comments are welcome.

Hi Peter,

I did a rewrite of the nsswitch.conf man page in October last year:

I'm still waiting for Michael to incorporate these changes. May I suggest you send in a patch that is applied against this? I would also suggest that if you're going to make reference to "initgroups" you'll need to add some further description somewhere that explains what this is and when you would use it.

Best regards,
Mark Bannister.

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