[patch] hsearch.3: update ERRORS section

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man-pages version: latest git repository
Remove ENOMEM and ESRCH from the list for hcreate() and hcreate_h().
The (e)glibc implementation of the two functions (of course!) doesn't
set such errors. The two error codes are garbage from commit fe80e23e.

Then, hdestroy_r() was added to the list.

diff --git a/man3/hsearch.3 b/man3/hsearch.3
--- a/man3/hsearch.3
+++ b/man3/hsearch.3
@@ -191,22 +191,16 @@ returns nonzero on success, and 0 on error.
.BR hcreate ()
.BR hcreate_r ()
+.BR hdestroy_r ()
can fail for the following reasons:
.RB ( hcreate_r ())
.I htab
is NULL.
-Table full with \fIaction\fP set to \fBENTER\fP.
-The \fIaction\fP argument is \fBFIND\fP and no corresponding element
-is found in the table.
-.\" hdestroy_r() can set errno to EINVAL if 'tab' is NULL.
.BR hsearch ()

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