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According to Bruno Haible on 12/11/2009 8:38 AM:
>> +  switch (action)
>> +    {
>> +    case F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC:
>> +      {
>> +        int target = va_arg (arg, int);
> Is the arg of type 'int' or 'long'? POSIX says it's an 'int'. But
> the Linux man page
>   <>
> says it's 'long' "in most cases", and indeed glibc's fcntl.c implementation
> uses a 'void *', that is, the same as a 'long'.

That's (hopefully) a bug in the Linux man page.  The return type is int,
and since the arg is an fd and the return type an fd, they had better be
the same type.  But all the same, I'm cc'ing the man page maintainer.

> It makes a difference on big-endian 64-bit platforms (SPARC64, PPC64),

No one writes fcntl(fd,F_DUPFD,1L), since that is contrary to POSIX; and
if fcntl(fd,F_DUPFD,1) doesn't work, then that is a bug in the kernel.

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