Re: [PATCH] m68k: Make sure {read,write}s[bwl]() are always defined

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       Or do you want musb_io.h to check for
       "!(defined(CONFIG_M68K)&&  defined(CONFIG_MMU))" instead?

No, I would rather see just the defined(CONFIG_M68K), and no check for
CONFIG_MMU. I am pretty sure there is some similarity between the way
the Atari does ISA bus interfacing to what some of the ColdFire boards
I sure hope you are wrong :-) But I think I saw some non-MMU Atari use attempts mentioned on the list, and the ROM port ISA adapter could well be used on non-MMU Ataris (though I'm not sure what address the ROM port would be mapped at on those - I'm sure Andreas will know the details there).


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