Re: new ARAnyM with better FPU

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Geert Uytterhoeven píše v Po 26. 03. 2012 v 22:41 +0200:

Bad news:

aranym_0.9.12-1.lucid_amd64.deb: du works
aranym_0.9.13-1.lucid.mpfr4_amd64.deb: du fails with "memory exhausted",
just like in 0.9.9.

Hmm. The difference between those two particular packages is that the
latter has the new MPFR FPU that should have been better than the one in
previous versions (otherwise Andreas wouldn't bother implementing it, I

Could you please try building the
that contains a patch for another post-release FPU bugfix? If that
doesn't help then feel free to stay with 0.9.12 as it contains the CPU
CAS fixes and also the proven FPU.

Andreas is reading this for sure so he might have a clue about the
failing 'du' with MPFR FPU emulation as well.


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