Re: Linux on Amiga A600, a success story (in progress, with possible patch)

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Patrick Bottelberger <patrick.bottelberger <at>> writes:

Patrick Bottelberger schrieb:
Maybe it's the debian patches that get everything out of order, i'll try
3.1.10 vanilla, maybe that'll work.
I compiled a vanilla 3.2.2 kernel tree without Debian patches and
without adding -msoft-float and it runs. It seems one of the
Debian-patches adds some floating-point-operations.

I don’t think so. 3.2.2 from Debian is looking good (3.2.4 building),
but you MUST compile with -ffreestanding.

Can you try the 3.2.2 image from debian-ports or my repo
and check whether that’s more buggy than vanilla? If so,
you’ve got bugs to report ☺


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