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Michael Schmitz <schmitzmic <at>> writes:

Note that the Debian kernel does not use initrd to boot (to the
finally installed system), especially as those tools are built
with klibc, which is currently still broken on m68k, and thus

I wasn't aware of that.

Yeah. I have started trying to fix that, though ☺ see the other
mail of today.

That's what I was suggesting - a stripped down kernel tailored to the TT 
could then
be 'distributed' (like you do with other stuff from your people.d.o 
page) to those
that need it.

That would indeed be possible and not too hard (Debian has tools for
that, and if must, these could even be cross-built).

Not that a total of 8 MB RAM would be a lot of fun to run today's kernel 
and userland on.

Indeed. I did that for a friend’s i486 laptop, and I’ve got one of those
myself as well except it has 12 MiB. MirBSD works – barely. (I could go
multiuser on the 12 MiB RAM one, but decided to not do it; it’s enough
for 3 virtual consoles, GNU screen, lynx, ssh client, tinyirc. Not my
regular IRC client sirc, as that one’s written in Perl. So, definitively
no stock Linux distribution…)


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