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Hi Thorsten,
No, the kernel is too big. I've only got 4MB ST-RAM. And getting more on
The guys at the Atari booth at OpenRheinRuhr had the same problem,
they also had a 4/4 MiB split.
OK, worth fixing in this case.

Considering the kernel may fit into the first 4 MB, how much room does that leave for RAM allocated through stram_alloc? Do we need to set aside some RAM right at the end of the kernel code segment for things like atafb (like we used to do in 2.2 or thereabouts)?
You may have to pare the kernel down to the bare minimum (i.e.
modularize about everything you don't need to boot to initrd). Not
sure where the limit for this is these days.
Note that the Debian kernel does not use initrd to boot (to the
finally installed system), especially as those tools are built
with klibc, which is currently still broken on m68k, and thus
I wasn't aware of that.
contains everything needed to get into an ext3fs / from disc,
and then some. I don’t think you should be using a distro kernel
made under such constraints (nor should the distro kernel be
stripped more down considering the problems; I think there may
even be flavours that don’t _support_ initrd, outside the image
that is) but compile a stripped-down one yourself.
That's what I was suggesting - a stripped down kernel tailored to the TT could then be 'distributed' (like you do with other stuff from your people.d.o page) to those
that need it.

Not that a total of 8 MB RAM would be a lot of fun to run today's kernel and userland on.



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