Re: Linux on Amiga A600, a success story (in progress, with possible patch)

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Hi Geert,

Geert Uytterhoeven schrieb:
Without supplying the '-p' parameter amiboot didn't output anything at
all, it just froze the amiga directly after entering the command.

Even with '-d'?
Yes, even with "-d", no output is printed, after entering the command
("amiboot -d root=/dev/hda5" for example) and pressing "enter" the
system freezes immediately.

I can't reproduce it on ARAnyM with 3.1.4.

Call Trace: [<0000ffff>] mm_release+0xa1/0xa4
 [<002b84fa>] topology_sysfs_init+0x0/0x1e

Seems to prove that, do you think

But this indeed looks like the same problem. Are you using a Debianized 3.1.4
source tree?
I just checked again, yes, you're right, i totally forgot i patched my
source tree with the Debian patches, sorry :-( would solve the issue?

Yes, that should fix this problem.
It really did! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, now i
got sysfs and udev again.
You cannot rely on that message. It just assumes A2000/A500/A600 etc.
have an A2000-style clock chip. But on all but A2000 the RTC is optional.
BTW, I also asked Jens Schönfeld.
After activating CONFIG_RTC_CLASS and CONFIG_RTC_DRV_MSM6242 in the
kernel and finally being able to get the device nodes created
automatically by udev, the RTC now works... somewhat. 8 out of 10 reads
from the RTC (via hctosys inside the kernel at startup, hwclock from
userspace or cat one of the special files inside /sys/class/rtc) return
successfully, but the other 2 return an ioctl()-error. I forgot which
exactly, i'll go upstairs to the Amiga later and write it down.

The PCMCIA-network still doesn't work, i'll recompile the kernel with
CONFIG_APNE=y (instead of m), maybe that will work.

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