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On 09/01/12 00:05, Michael Schmitz wrote:
Hi Alan,

I understand, but the STRAM allocator is broken. It gives out TT-RAM. It
should never do that on a TT.
The ST-RAM allocator is used by a number of drivers, some of those
could actually use TT-RAM fine. But making the allocator fail instead
of returning TT-RAM would be an option.

Yes, adding a flag to say ONLY_STRAM would work. But the function itself
is called atari_stram_alloc()/free(). And if that goes allocating TT-RAM
there's a function name problem there. Very confusing.

You may have to pare the kernel down to the bare minimum (i.e.
modularize about everything you don't need to boot to initrd). Not
sure where the limit for this is these days.
Already tried that. Still too big, because we need buffers from STRAM too.
What buffers? Filesystem buffers should be fine in TT-RAM. atafb
buffer requirement could be reduced by using a low-res video mode
perhaps (just to get past this point initially).

I'll try again as I probably didn't try after getting past the
unexpected interrupt issue.

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