Re: [m68k] partial success but does not boot: 3.2~rc7

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Ben Hutchings dixit:

It is quite possible that m68k kernel udebs have not been built for some
years, though the configuration has been updated along with other

I don’t think that is it, as the last upload had this in .changes:

 4b1a4046ca58561cc6c94d020a9f10f4 1997696 debian-installer extra kernel-image-3.0.0-2-amiga-di_3.0.0-6_m68k.udeb
 af52e25d6186c6fd5c9b20888221f97a 35168 debian-installer standard nic-shared-modules-3.0.0-2-amiga-di_3.0.0-6_m6
 808da40f5886053613dceae960cc64f8 38508 debian-installer optional ppp-modules-3.0.0-2-amiga-di_3.0.0-6_m68k.udeb
 e664ddcea14d6a5f341a8cdfefefac2e 10918 debian-installer standard cdrom-core-modules-3.0.0-2-amiga-di_3.0.0-6_m6
 8f1fa83300a63dc0017eafc97da549cd 15636 debian-installer standard scsi-modules-3.0.0-2-amiga-di_3.0.0-6_m68k.ude
 1ceac41404a52273068c08d02d993557 305086 debian-installer extra btrfs-modules-3.0.0-2-amiga-di_3.0.0-6_m68k.udeb
 f37e385c35fbae32f93d78312054009f 18960 debian-installer standard isofs-modules-3.0.0-2-amiga-di_3.0.0-6_m68k.ud

The module list for nic-shared-modules on m68k looks wrong in that there
are several driver modules listed there; those belong in nic-modules or
nic-extra-modules.  If m68k doesn't have any network drivers using the
library modules such as mii then the package should be disabled by
removing the module list file.

 d4ef87ebeac4a5177f560a7627d9ea52 13250 debian-installer standard nic-shared-modules-3.0.0-2-atari-di_3.0.0-6_m6

It built last time and seems to have some content.

18:50⎜<mirabilos> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1845989 Jan  1 18:32
     ⎜    /var/cache/pbuilder/build/cow.937/tmp/buildd/linux-2.6-3.2~rc7/debian/linux-image-3.2.0-rc7-atari/boo
     ⎜    t/vmlinuz-3.2.0-rc7-atari

$sourcedir wrong? $installedname wrong?

Did you also build the amiga and mac flavours?  The kernel-versions file
for m68k lists all three flavours.

Ah, that might be it. On the other hand, I seem to recall it erroring out
on the atari part. Not too sure.

No idea whether this should be committed.

Hell no.  We must either fix or remove the kernel-wedge configuration
for m68k.  (I already did the latter for alpha.)

OK. I hope “we” (and maybe, when^Wif they wake up, the m68k porters)
can fix it, instead. Wouter’s built a d-i during DebĆevapčićiConf,
after all.

My guess is that on m68k get_cpu_sysdev(0) returns NULL and thus
topology_add_dev() passes an invalid pointer into sysfs_create_group().
So either m68k (and maybe some other architectures with no SMP support)
need to be fixed or the CPU topology code needs to allow for this.

@linux-m68k, are you listening in? ;-)

Goodnight, and happy new year,
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with other products?
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