Re: [PATCH 32/35] m68k: add ColdFire FPU support for the V4e ColdFire CPU's

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On Dec 27, 2011, at 9:53 PM, Greg Ungerer wrote:

        if (CPU_IS_COLDFIRE) {
                __asm__ volatile ("fsave %0"
: : "m" (*sc->sc_fpstate) : "memory");
        } else {
                __asm__ volatile (".chip 68k/68881\n\t"
                                  "fsave %0\n\t"
                                  ".chip 68k"
: : "m" (*sc->sc_fpstate) : "memory");

I am still concerned about the use of ".chip 68k" in general though.
Just not sure how we can avoid it. I guess there is no way to jus
t revert to the original CPU choice?

#define CPU "68040"

_asm__ volatile (".chip 68k/68881\n\t"
                 "fsave %0\n\t"
                 ".chip " CPU
                 : : "m" (*sc->sc_fpstate) : "memory");


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