Re: [PATCH 05/35] m68k: add TASK definitions for ColdFires running with MMU

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Hi Jason,

On 08/12/11 12:05, Jin Zhengxiong-R64188 wrote:

@@ -66,10 +68,12 @@ static inline void wrusp(unsigned long usp)
   * space during mmap's.
  #ifdef CONFIG_MMU
-#ifndef CONFIG_SUN3
-#define TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE	0xC0000000UL
+#if defined(CONFIG_COLDFIRE)
+#define TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE	0x80000000UL

[Jin Zhengxiong-R64188] Need to set TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE somewhere below 0x80000000
to not break runtime linker.  When is invoked explicitly
(i.e., /lib/ ./myprog), it needs to be loaded below 0x80000000,
otherwise it will overwrite itself with the program it tries to load.

The comments come from codesourcery and we have set it to 0x60000000
in the latest BSP.

Ok, thanks. I will change that in the patches to 0x60000000 then.


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