RE: [PATCH 01/16] pmac_zilog: fix unexpected irq

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On Thu, 2011-11-24 at 15:28 +0000, David Laight wrote:
On most 68k Macs the SCC IRQ is an autovector interrupt and cannot be 
masked. This can be a problem when pmac_zilog starts up.

Wouldn't this also happen if the interrupt were shared?
Hopefully nothing vaguely modern uses the borked Zilog 8530 SCC
(which I presume is the part in question - brings back
too many nightmares....)

Yup. Afaik, the most recent you can find with that are PowerMacs which
used it for their internal modem (even my G5 has one wired to the
internal slot afaik), tho none of those had shared interrupts.


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