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Re: kernel strange behaviour

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 14:11:24 -0700, Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
> I had a discussion with the kernel guys few months ago because of an other
> issue. There is no way that I install a RC on my production machine. I
> still may give it a try, but  still it's bugging me why it's working like
> this.

I was just telling you what they were up to, not suggesting you install
an rc. But of course, it does bring up the question, why are you
experimenting on a production server, that's not considered good
practice. You might want to read what Linus T. says about the kernel on
Oct 6 over on LKML, it's pretty close to release:

> Obviously no one except you reads this tread or has a better suggestion.

Those are two of the possible reasons, there could be others. I know you
got into a heated argument with some people over in the kubuntu list,
maybe they have plonked you totally and don't see your posts anywhere.
But, this does appear to be a low volume location.

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