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Re: PCI Power management (was: Re: [PATCH 4/13]: PCI Err: e100 ethernet driver recovery

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 15:39 -0500, Linas Vepstas wrote:

> Thus, the right thing to do might be to split up the 
> struct pci_dev->suspend() and pci_dev->resume() calls into
>    suspend()
>    poweroff()
>    poweron()
>    resume()

No. There are very good reasons not to do that split at the pci_dev
> and then have the generic pci error recovery routines call
> suspend/resume only, skipping the poweroff-on calls.  Does that 
> sound good?
> I'm not sure I can pull this off without having someone from 
> the power-management world throw a brick at me.

Just keep the error recovery callbacks for now, and we might be able to
provide a generic "helper" doing the watchdog thing (yes, there is a
watchdog in the net core)


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