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Laptop APM & ACPI

I currently have a problem with an AOpen 1845 Laptop. When ACPI & APM is turned on, the mouse plugged into the PS/2 port will misbehave occasionally when the machine gets a bit busy. Turning APM and ACPI off at boot time solved the problem but now the power management is gone. Whenever the mouse misbehaves I see the following messages showing up in /var/log/messages:

kernel: psmouse.c: Mouse at isa0060/serio2/input0 lost synchronization, throwing 2 bytes away.

I'm currently running kernel I saw that there was in the latest 2.6.11 kernels a lot of cleanups with the serio subsystem as well as quite a few updates w.r.t. timings with the mouse/touchpad. The notebook does not have an option to turn off the touchpad so the Synaptics Touchpad/PS2 port mux is constantly on. Have been through most combinations now and none seem to fix it.

With APM/ACPI off things are fine... I'm not sure from looking the kernel source since about 2.6.0 where to start hunting for this problem.

Tnx & Bi
Bennie Kahler-Venter

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