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Re: initramfs tools [u]

On May 7 2007 11:10, Andreas Jellinghaus [c] wrote:
>Am Sonntag, 6. Mai 2007 10:15 schrieb Jan Engelhardt:
>> That sounds very much like you just reinvented the wheel, since I can
>> do that already with opensuse's initrds. Perhaps not only that.
>> Everyone who packages GNU mount (which does in fact use blkid) has
>> the ability to mount by label, and Fedora is another one which can do
>> that. Plus, everyone should be supporting -b to start the emergency
>> shell. As far as switchroot is concerned, klibc provides run-init.
>mount by label? does that also work for md devices and lvm mappings?

lvm: yes, see /dev/udev/rules.d/64-device-mapper.rules. But lvm
also creates its named block devices in /dev/mapper, so you have
*three* choices even (/dev/dm-0, /dev/mapper/mydisk, /dev/disk/by-...)

md: still a no-go; SUSE still uses an old md superblock format that
does not support names, hence /dev/mdX. Bad bad.

>I'm asking because at least some versions of udev do not 
>populate /dev/disk/by-uuid/ and /dev/disk/by-label/ for lvm devices.
>so far I thought udev was used to mount by label or uuid... or maybe
>udev uses blkid too?

udev does not use blkid (not linked as per ldd). The rulesets may
call it though.

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