Re: [patch] wireless: at76c50x: allocating too much data

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On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 03:51:44PM +0200, Julia Lawall wrote:
> Looking for x = ... sizeof(x) ... I get 9 reports.  In most cases it
> looks like sizeof(x) is coincidentally the same as the size that is
> wanted.  Two cases that look like they could have some noticible
> effect are:
> arch/xtensa/platforms/iss/network.c, line 789
> drivers/block/cciss.c, line 4211

Clever.  You'd need to restrict it to places where x was a  pointer.
That's better than my check which was specific to kmalloc().  (So
uh...  I'm going to rewrite mine as well to be more generic.  :P)

dan carpenter

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