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Hi Dan,

2012/4/16 Dan Carpenter <dan.carpenter@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Don't start messing in scheduler code if you have any doubts about
> what you are doing.  My advise is don't send a patch for this
> warning.  Most times people leave BUG() enabled so we don't really
> care about the warning.

Okey. Perhaps I picked the wrong example, there are a whole bunch of warnings
related to the same BUG() stuff, here's a template example:

void *p;

switch (something) {
  case a:
    p = foo();
  case b:
    p = bar();



This will trigger warning "p could be used uninitialized" or something.
I know most of us just leave BUG on, so you say these warnings aren't important?

>> ---
>> 2.
>> Another one is flat_set_persistent() which is only IMO properly defined in
>> arch/sh/. The current
>> definition produces a warning in other architectures if binary flat format
>> is used.
>> So, I guess I should send a patch to each arch-specific list, right? using
>> arch-specific git trees?
>> I would like to have just one git tree, and not ten :)
> I'm not sure what you mean here.  What is the warning?  It sounds
> like something is wrong in a Kconfig file.

I'll explain better. flat_set_persistent() is used by no-one, except
from blackfin arch
where it has something in it. So it gets defined to nothing in every
architecture, except
from blackfin.

Now, arch/sh/include/asm/flat.h defines it like:

#define    flag_set_persisten(relval,p)    { (void)p; 0; })

while the rest of them just defines it to zero:

#define    flag_set_persisten(relval,p)    0

This will cause a warning for unused variable p, in fs/binfmt_flat.c
and IMO the arch/sh is doing it right (just to avoid the warning).

I tested both definitions with bloat-o-metering and it showed no
extra code.

Do you see my point now?

Thanks for your help,
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